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  • Toto Velmonte(トト)

    Learning opens doors to the different worlds of wonders and opportunities.

    People call me Toto, and I am always excited meeting people from different walk...
  • Aner Fermato(アネル)

    I love challenges in life and in my career, because you will learn from it, it will improve your attitude and mind set when you overcome those challenges. Life is a conti...
  • Gebeson Monteza(ジェブ)

    I consider myself as a life-long student who is always eager to learn both facts and mysteries of life. Keeping boundaries that limit opportunities for my growth is not m...
  • Bil John Soriao(ビル)

    “One percent of something is better than ninety percent of nothing” - an unforgettable line from my college professor who inspired me in becoming a person who strives to ...
  • Geraldine Tampol(ジェラルディーン)

    I like to deal with different kinds of people and I minimize discords and misunderstandings. You can call me, Ge and I take great pride of being a teacher.

  • Sofie(ソフィー)

    Please call me Sofie. I have worked both the private and public sectors to include international Non-Government Organizations wherein I deal with Diplomats, embassy repre...
  • Isel Medina(アイゼル)

    I always enjoy a good conversation. Listening and understanding human behavior fascinates me. Curiosity is always a precursor to learning. This I believe is what makes li...
  • Anjanette Dee(アンジャネット)

    Hello. I am Anjanette. I hope we will have a wonderful experience through my lessons.
    Looking forward to meeting you online!...


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